Xbox Making Gaming Accessible Even to Seniors

May 25, 2022 at 4:15 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Microsoft and Xbox are working on making gaming accessible by having a workshop that is specifically for seniors and caregivers.

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Gaming is available for everyone, however, it can be a bit intimidating for the elderly or to those with limited mobility.

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Microsoft and Xbox would want everybody to be included, so they came up with gaming workshops for caregivers and senior citizens.

For a lot of people, gaming serves as an escape from the stresses of life and even a way to interact with people. During the lockdowns, gaming had been a lifeline for many.

The workshop is by Xbox DACH and it shared the advantages of gaming for seniors. It also came with some hands-on and practical sessions.

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One of the key components is the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This controller is able to open up gaming to everybody.

The workshop was able to simulate the imagination and memories of the elderly and provided an escape from their regular day-to-day lives.

The realistic games that Xbox offers like the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 5 were able to let the seniors explore a real-world that they were only able to enjoy in their younger years. Other skills that they are no longer able to do like driving, they can also experience once again.

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For those who are experiencing limited mobility, games like Super Lucky’s Tale are able to help in building communication skills, as well as let them express themselves and give them a chance to work together.

Gaming is a huge business that should be available to everyone. Thanks to Microsoft and Xbox, it is able to reach more people.



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