XCOM Chimera Squad Available April 23, 2020

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XCOM Chimera Squad

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Firaxis Games’ XCOM Chimera Squad will be launching next week.

Chimera Squad offers a new story as well as a turn-based technical combat experience that is set in the XCOM universe. In the game, humans and aliens have a peculiar relationship where they work together against a common threat. Of course, it is not easy for the two to be allies, so really, determining who your enemy is is quite hard.

Lead designer, Mark Nauta made an introduction about the game’s Breach mode saying, “Gameplay like Breach Mode, interleaved turn order, and the introduction of agents as fully fleshed-out characters will revolutionize how the game plays while still retaining the combat experience that makes the XCOM series so loved by gaming communities around the world.”

There are 11 agents in the Chimera Squad and everyone has their own distinct abilities, species-specific attacks and personality.

Combat will come with Specialized and Complementary classes. Players will be able to do both devastating combos and cooperative actions if two complementary agents are paired. This means that you would have to think about the team composition in the game.

The tactical combat has been reinvented adding mystery to the game’s missions. The missions offer intense action and unpredictability.

Interleaved Turns is a feature of the game that will place agents and enemies in an alternating turn order giving new strategic possibilities based on the sequence of units.

Also, get to manage a high-tech Head Quarters where you must complete tasks and investigations, assign agents and so much more.

There will be deadlines for these activities, where time-management is also a part of the game.

XCOM Chimera Squad is set to launch on April 23, 2020, for PC. The game is now available for pre-purchase on Steam with a 50% discount.

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