Yooka Laylee Easy Tips For Every Player

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Thanks to Destructoid, we’ve got some Yooka Laylee easy tips for the players that are having a hard time playing the game. These are easy, practical tips that could help you in puzzle solving searching for items as well as quills. We have summarized the tips below.

Yooka Laylee
Yooka-Laylee PS4
Yooka-Laylee Xbox One

Yooka Laylee Easy Tips:

– If you find yourself taking too long in the early stages of the game, what you can do is to move on. The reason that you can’t do that right at the moment could possibly be that you don’t have access to it as of yet.

– For casual players and completionists alike, get all the quills. The quills are actually the currency in the game, if you collect them all, you can purchase skills from Trowzer.

– If a certain puzzle got you stumped, remember all the moves that you have. Sometimes using a different ability is needed to solve the puzzle.

– Keep your volume up as the game’s audio will give you clues when looking for items or characters. So use this to your advantage.

– When looking for items the Hunter tonic is very useful. As soon as you find yourselves one of these, equip it. This will give out a sound whenever a rare item is nearby. The sound is very similar to a whistle when calling a dog and you will hear this being repeated every 3 seconds. The chime works for quills that have not been collected as well.

– Explore every nook and cranny of the map in Yokka Lylee. You might be surprised at what you will discover.

That’s all for the tips in Playing Yooka Laylee, hopefully, you can find these helpful and have the gameplay go smoothly. Yooka Laylee is already available in the market. Platforms for the game are PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Yooka Laylee Patch Comes With Games PC Release

A new patch for Yooka Laylee is available when the game releases. It mainly concentrates on camera and performance issues.